Arms Nutrition Micellar Casein Protein Slow Absorption & Muscle Build
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Arms Nutrition Micellar Casein Protein Slow Absorption & Muscle Build

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👉 Highlighting Arms Nutrition Casein Formulation

a) Micellar Casein is manufactured by the top and most sold brand in India "ARMS NUTRITION".  They give their best shot to provide customers with premium quality products at affordable and reasonable prices.

b) Casein is a complete protein source that is especially required during sleeping hours. The most important component in casein is its L-Leucine content which is very essential in Stimulating aminos into muscles to induce muscle growth.

c) Micellar Casein by Arms Nutrition is a dairy-based protein which is necessarily taken before sleeping hours. We know that whey protein is taken during any time of the day but exceptional, it's not preferable before sleep. Here, the casein steps during sleep to continuously release amino Acids in the slow phase so that during sleep body starts to rebuild, recover, and promote muscle growth. This protein is generally a time-releasing protein that takes near 6-7 hours to digest in the body.

d) All the raw materials are imported from the best lines of the USA and are further manufactured in high tech industries of Arms Nutrition.

e) Ultra-Filtered Sniper Casein contains 9.6 grams of EAA (Essential Amino Acids), 10.3 grams of CAA (Conditional Amino Acids), 4.1 grams of NEAA (Non-Essential Amino Acids) and 5.5 grams of BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids).

f) Pure Micellar Casein by the super sourced brand Arms Nutrition contains 24 grams per 30 grams of the scoop. This Formula is Provided with 4 grams of Glutamine and a good amount of digestive enzymes such as bromelain and papain to absorb proteins in the body.

g) The High-Quality Product is also consolidated with Vitamins and Minerals which are basically required to maintain the body's health, organs and keep you Energetic and fresh all over the day.

👉 Variants In This Slow and Time Releasing Protein Product By Arms Nutrition

Arms Nutrition Micellar Casein is available in variants of 1kg pack which contains 33+ total servings and 2kg size Consisting total of 66+ servings. It delivers with the purest source of casein powder.

The micronized casein formulation is available in the delicious flavor of coffee giving you the real taste. More flavors launching soon. Stay Tuned
It is available on advanced and authentic site

👉 How To Take Micellar Purely filtered Casein Protein Supplement

It is advisable and recommended to mix 1 scoop serving (30 grams) of casein in 150-200 ml cold water, low-fat milk, or any of your favorite and choice able beverages. It provides 24 grams of purest and flavored casein.
You can add this high essence powder in your breakfast cereals, oatmeal, yogurt, brownies, smoothies, or even in making pancakes.
Your yummy and lush protein powder is available in genuine site

👉 Benefits Of Taking Arms Nutrition Micellar Casein

Many studies are been carried out whether to see casein loses fat or not. The further conclusion stated that Athletes who consume casein protein gets more profits in losing fat rather than Supplementing with whey protein. Add casein in your weight loss journeys to maximize the desirable outputs.

With regular consumption of this slow releasing agent spikes up the protein synthesis in muscles by giving continues feed of amino acids like BCAA (Branched me Chain Amino Acids) and EAAs (Essential Amino Acids) to promote and move the body in the state of anabolism which in turn grows lean muscle mass in the body. 

Casein is best to be a choice Supplement among Athletes when it's their sleeping time. Casein boosts up the pros to a larger extent when we are in sleep. The Catabolism of muscles mostly occurs at night as we don't consume enough protein-rich foods to maintain the body in an Anabolic state. So, casein by best and reputable brand Arms Nutrition is the most preferable Supplement when we fall asleep. It acts in the body for about 6-7 hours by releasing amino to rebuild muscles.

👉 Best Timings Of Taking "The Slow Acting Protein" Casein

Casein is the most recommendable, crucial, and most important choice for Athletes during bedtime as it provides the muscles with anti-catabolic effects. Constant Supply of amino acids is required to repair and rebuild muscles rather than breaking or losing them. Casein is the assistant of the body that regulates BCAAs in high amounts such as L- leucine to make the recovery process faster. Take 1 scoop of Arms Nutrition Casein before sleep to unleash the repairment, Rebuilding, and preserving the muscles.

👉 Key Points To Be Taken In Consideration When Supplementing With The Purely Flavoured Casein powder

To elevate and rush up the good effects, just make sure of the 2 most important components in your routine i.e. Diet and Workout. Without these 2 elements, casein or any other protein Supplements won't work. Design a proper and suitable diet plan by highlighting the requirements of both micro and macronutrients and a proper workout plan adding with the sort of exercises with the maintenance of required sets and repetitions. Go with the calorie deficit plan when in weight loss program and calorie surplus when in the Gaining program.

👉 Summary
The stunning brand Arms Nutrition equips with their new astonishing, creative, and the purest product "Casein". They generally import raw materials from the USA and manufacture them in their industries. It contains 24 grams of Micellar and micronized casein in 30 grams of the scoop. It consists of vitamins and minerals with Digestive enzymes such as bromelain and papain to digest protein. Casein becomes the best friend for Athletes during bedtime as it is known as the night time protein. It Stimulates the synthesis of protein to pack on muscles by exhibiting more recovery to repair and rebuild. It contains 4 grams of glutamine and 5.5 grams of BCAAs. It is packed in both 1kg and 2kg variant with the availability of savory flavor of the coffee. 
Ultra-Filtered casein product is available on most recommended, reputable and most searched site in google "" is an online store without any 3rd party sellers to ensure authentic and genuine products to the buyers. All the  products available at our store are sold directly by us and there is no involvement of any 3rd party sellers selling their product on our market place, this ensures unhampered and original products to the end user.We also have our own separate product line available at the store offering a wide range of high quality products with multiple delicious flavors, we have been in market for more than 2 years and are one of the big names in the Indian Supplement industry. The priority at our store is given to customer care and retention ,thus its very common for our regular customers to receive free samples with a call asking them for their review and opinion. All our inventory is stored at our cutting edge warehousing facility in Noida and are shipped directly to buyers all around the country. Each serving is formulated to fuel your muscles with 12.19g of ease, 5.93g of BCAAs which help provide vital amino acids to the muscles for efficient muscle synthesis. True supplements whey protein isolate delivers superior standard 27gm protein per 30gm serving with less than 1g of total carbohydrates and fats, it is the key supplement for advanced muscle growth.
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